WA Name Game | CSBP Fertilisers

Win a trip to Broome WA

answers are hidden in this cryptic image puzzle! Can you identify them all?
names of locations within Western Australia
not-for-profit organisations we are associated with.

There are 50 WA names hidden in this cryptic image puzzle. 48 of these are names of locations within Western Australia, and 2 are not-for-profit organisations that CSBP Fertilisers is associated with.

Successfully guess all 50 names to feature in our Nifty Fifty Club here, and automatically go in the draw to WIN a trip to Broome WA!

How to Play

Simply register & login to play.
Once logged in, click on the blue dot that appears over each element within the image.
A text box will appear for your to type your guess for that element.
  • If you guess incorrectly a red cross will appear with a ‘try again’ message.
  • If you guess correctly a green tick will appear with a ‘congratulations’ message. A green tick will also be placed on the item within the image.

Upon correctly guessing all 50 names, your name and Facebook photo will be added to the prestigious Nifty Fifty Club page. You’ll also automatically go into the draw to win a trip to Broome WA (terms and conditions apply).

If you get stuck at any point make sure to reach out to family and friends on Facebook for help through our sharing feature.

Good luck!